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destinations United States
New York, Cali, Florida, Georgia, just to name a few I'm open to anywhere with friendly folks and great weather!
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  1. Hello,from a small town in Ohio, 27 yr old who is working towards becoming a successful business owner.
  2. My life consists of my cupcake business, sketching out new fashion designs and working at a retail store.
  3. Travelling with my best frien interest.

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I am very new to this and am looking to do home exchange. I absolutely love to travel and explore different cultures and ways of living. But it can be so so expensive, especially having a fixed-single income. So, I am definitely looking forward to this. Be assured that I will be respectful of you and your home. I am willing to provide any additional information (within boundaries) that you may need to assure you I am trustworthy and responsible. Also, I like small dogs so I would watch them...