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Hi, I am Ramon
“ Our apartment is available for you in Barcelona, Spain ”.
  1. We are a male couple (57-50) living together for a quarter of a century. In this place for the latest 10 years
  2. Ramon works as a teacher in a school for further education and Joan (a male name in Catalan) is a civil servant for the local authority
  3. Films, papers, food, wine, coffee, beach, friends....
Personal Message
We are experienced exchangers. We started swapping before the internet times and kept doing it occasionally. We used to host people from stay4free until we started to use other sites at the time more into exchanging places than putting up people. Now back in stay4free.
Prior exchanges:   10
  Depends on the offer
Amsterdam, Rome, Napoli, Bologna, Cherburg, Piacenza, Genova, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels. All of them were a very positive experience. Never had a problem with the people we exchanged with. They all took care of our place and we did the same with theirs. It is real fun to get to arrange all the procedures and quite thrilling getting to know people you would otherwise never get in touch with.
Our dream trip
destinations Anywhere,  United States
New York beginning June 2015
destinations Anytime,   Jun 3, 2015 - Jun 15, 2015
Our home
Barcelona, Spain
Apartment  sleeps 4, bedrooms 2
We have renovated a section of our apartment (90 sq/m) every two years. Opened bigger windows, built new kitchen and bathrooms... Now it's finished and everything is...