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Hi, I am Diane
“ Our apartment is available for you in San Bruno, Mexico ”.
  1. Single woman, 60 year old, Christian, part of my travel with my teen granddaughter.
  2. Social worker, 10 years in Mexico, orphanage and church work.
  3. Enjoy people, beauty, culture, creativity, hope to attend a conference in Nuremberg Germany July 9-12th
Personal Message
This is my first time visiting Europe. I want to experience all I can yet with periods of rest. I will begin in Rome with my granddaughter on June 14th. She leaves Paris on June 24th. We want to be in Paris for the music festival beginning on the 21st. I will be traveling alone on a limited budget after the 24th. Next, I want to be in Nuremberg July 9-12th for a Bethel Church (my home church) conference. Following the conference I am free to travel until the 22nd of July, at which point I leave Europe. If you have a home or apartment available to trade or a room to rent me I would greatly appreciate it. I have a lovely beachfront home in Mexico divided into three apartments. I have a two bedroom apartment available now and for the next three months. I will gladly give you more time there than I use at your home.
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Our dream trip
destinations Germany,  Italy,  France
One or two travelers. Safe area, hot shower, clean, kitchen, on site laundry preferred. Would like to experience art and architecture, cathedrals and castles, museums.
destinations Anytime,   Jun 14, 2015 - Jul 22, 2015
Our home
San Bruno, Mexico
Apartment  sleeps 4, bedrooms 2
Located next to a marina on the beach in a rural fishing village near a city of 30,000. Cafe and small store across the street. Island across offers snorkeling....