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Hi, I am Ana
“ Our building/loft is available for you in Montréal, Canada ”.
  1. My name is Ana, I am a 38 year old professional. I work for a INGO in the design field and travel a great deal.
  2. I love to cook, so the kitchen is fully stocked with all kinds of equipment (pasta maker, mandolin, juicer, etc.)
  3. I have a bit of a Scandinavian obsession, I like to run, do yoga, have a little bit of a Tumblr addiction, travel a ton, speak a few languages (3.5 to be precise).
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I need to be in Copenhagen and Stockholm for meetings in the beginning of June and would like to take advantage to spend some time there (last time I was in Scandinavia it was 2012 and winter and I totally fell in love with it, I have been dying to come back and see the summer!). I travel tons for work so I don't have pets but I am a total animal lover so I would be happy to take care of yours if you are leaving them behind. Montreal is a beautiful place in the summer, my building in particular has a very nice vibe as there is a shared outdoor courtyard and people tend to know each other. My neighbours are young professionals and we often do activities together (barbecues in the yard) so there is someone around who can answer questions if you have any. I'm happy to share my list of things to see and help you discover my city!
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Our dream trip
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Copenhagen or Stockholm
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I am looking to be in Copenhagen from the 31st of May to the 5th of June 2015
Our home
Montréal, Canada
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500ft2, open-plan space, industrial details (concrete floors, new york windows, high ceilings). Located in the Unity Building, over 100 years old, between Downtown a...