Robert and Elizabeth
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Hi, I am Robert and Elizabeth
“ Our house is available for you in Roaming Shores, Ohio, United States ”.
  1. We are a retired couple, nearing age 70, with three adult (and out of the home) children. The children will not be in the 'exchange party'.
  2. Bob was a music teacher who is still actively involved in early music, dixieland clarinet, and choir-singing. Bettie's main interest is our children and grandchildren.
  3. Earlier in our lives together we were avid cycle-tourists, and we hope to return to that - within the limitations age and health now impose.
Personal Message
We have never done a home-exchange before - but the idea appeals now. We are, I'd say, folks who take care of our property by hiring expert service-providers whenever something needs doing (e.g., we're no longer do-it-yourself-ers). Care of your home would be the highest priority for us whilst in residence there, and we hope a similar priority in our exchange-partners would exist, for our home. We had a memorable six-week tour of Great Britain and Ireland by bicycle back before we started our family, and would like to re-visit that experience - but this time from a home-base somewhere (rather than at a different B&B every night as we did then). We are open to any time frame during the warmer months (say, May through October). bob and bettie
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  Depends on the offer
Our dream trip
destinations United Kingdom,  Ireland
prefer small town rather than big-city - a relatively safe, clean environment for bicycle touring from your house as a home-base -and nearby public transport.
destinations Anytime
warm-weather months late spring to early autumn
Our home
Roaming Shores, Ohio, United States
House  sleeps 5, bedrooms 2, auto
Ours is a rustic cedar-sided, cathedral-ceilinged open-plan chalet offering views of our Lake RomeRock cove, and parklike environsl. Our fifteen foot outboard ru...