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Hi, I am Louis
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  1. I'm a single guy who lives on my own.
  2. I have my own internet business, and do part-time professional fundraising for charities.
  3. I'm a truth-seeker and big into personal development, volunteering my time to make a difference, helping myself and others become healthier and wealthier, and coaching others to reach their potential
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I've been fortunate to visit Europe and Asia when I was younger. I also love living in Vancouver and see this as my home. After a trip, there's nothing like returning home for me. I stopped watching TV and movies awhile back. I think the best shows are really the life you're living right now. I like good music that has a message or humour, and it doesn't really matter what the genre. You could hear a classical song on my playlist, followed by a rap song, followed by a ballad. Really big into audiobooks and personal development CDs now. I have a guitar and learning how to play it is on my to-do list. Pet peeves: When somebody says they'll "try" to do something. Either do it, or don't. Don't try. Or making excuses about why you "can't" do something. Either say you're not willing to do it or realize you can do *anything* you want to, if you want to bad enough. There are no inappropriate jokes for me and I'll laugh at anything. I realize making mistakes and learning from them is p
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