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Hi, I am Jose Antonio
“ Our house is available for you in Badajoz, Spain ”.
  1. we are couple the 38-42 with an 11 year old daughter MAR :)
  2. JA works in graphic design and Edith as dental technician. Well now is more concerned with the girl Mar. Our daughter.
  3. enjoyed the goodness of people and especially of what we provide culturally. the love and affection is necessary for us.
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all my life I've been forming me and working. I work primarily in research. based on cultural and creative industries. I worked for museums and artists making books objectual. my home is a "museum" in publications, editions travel, tours, cities. never been interested in the culture of my region or city and is why I've always had a big interest for opening the world. the world of tolerance which is what makes them more and better excel. talent, technology and tolerance. Tolerance capitalized. My wife is from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and Extremadura no other Santa Cruz de la Sierra de Ñuflo Chavez who discovered in Bolivia to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. You'll be pleased to know this enclave of culture and tolerance as well as a place to come to Lisbon for 10 euro each way and 1 hour and 3 hours sunlit Madrid. La Vera, Cuacos of Yuste where he was the Emperor Charles V are places that I can show you. I have a publisher of travel and upon arrival I give away my book Extremadura trav
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Our home
Badajoz, Spain
House  sleeps 2, bedrooms 4, auto
My house is composed of two open spaces. where I work: graphic design and multimedia. and another place where I live. space is white, calm, order and with a wooden...