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Hi, I am Abdo
“ Our house is available for you in Zagora, Morocco ”.
  1. well, i am abdo from tagounite a little village 18 km from desert, i am a bit civilised nomade who lives and loves desert and who want to share that charming place with other's from different countrie
  2. simply personal and live my life very fine i'm looking for being like very happy
  3. Funny, happy and ..i want enjoy with people how have open mind, modest and normal poeple.
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Hello !!! My name is Abdo. I am from Zagora. tagounite is little city of south of Morocco. I live with my family in a big house. You are welcome to desert! If you want to see different culture and people you can visit me, my country and stay in my home. The doors of my home is open for you. You can see many beautiful things in my country. Listen to traditional music, eat traditional food. If you´ve never seen Sahara i can accompany to the desert. It is very nice and beautiful place. There are many stars on the sky at night. All this things in my country. Welcome. It is my phone number +212672729018
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zagoura tagounite morocco
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Our home
Zagora, Morocco
House  sleeps 4, bedrooms 5
5 ROM and tiras and big tirarin