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Hi, I am Naomi
“ Our apartment is available for you in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, The Netherlands ”.
  1. Single female (29) working in tourism industry
  2. Love to travel, music/dance, good food, wine and getting to know new people/different cultures
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Have not done a Home Exchange yet but just returned from a trip to the States, where I stayed with the most incredible host. Which inspired me to sign up for this website. Loved the experience and local feel of staying in an actual neighboorhood vs a hotel. This was truly a unique experience and hope to offer you the same in my native Amsterdam. Appartement is neat and spacious, facilities are shared with one other person.
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Our dream trip
destinations United States
New York
destinations Anytime
Anywhere from Mid June to First week of July or anywhere in between.
Our home
Amsterdam-Zuidoost, The Netherlands
Apartment  sleeps 2, bedrooms 1
My room is located in a neat and spacious 4 bedroom apartment (96m2/ 1st floor) in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Apartment is located in a multicultural and family friendly...