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Hi, I am akida
“ Our house is available for you in Wulumuqi, China ”.
  1. I'm Akida,21,a friendly girl who loves exploring outside world and meet new people from different areas.And in this year,I traveled around 6 countries,met lots of awesome people and heard so many amazing stories about their life,
  2. I'm a senior student in University,major in journalism. And in my daily life, I enjoy many of social activities such as students union, theme parties etc.
  3. Love travelling and meeting new people
Personal Message
I'm akida,a regular university student,like to talk, to laugh, to discover,to enjoy the moment.I think I'm a person who is always looking for something new and curious: new people, new ways of life, new interests. Consider myself easy-going and optimistic person.In this year,I traveled around six countries and met lots of awesome&friendly people throughout the whole journey.My next plan is going to Saint Petersburg(Russia) to volunteer for 2 months.It's gonna be my first time explore the Beautiful country and I truly looking forward to it!I would appreciate if someone could offer me a free bed:)))
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  Within the next 6 months
Our dream trip
destinations Anywhere,  Russia
I'm gonna volunteer in International Volunteer Academy which is located in Saint Petersburg,Russia.
destinations Anytime
I will start the volunteer work from December,2014 to February,2014 around six or seven weeks.For now I'm not pretty sure about the specific dates,but I will confirm the time in early September.
Our home
Wulumuqi, China
House  sleeps 2, bedrooms 4
our house located close to the center of city and public transportation is very convenient.