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Hi, I am Piya
“ Our house is available for you in Riverside, California, United States ”.
  1. I am a college professor, teach on gender and crosscultural issues; travel to India frequently where my family is
  2. I want to treat my 88 year old father--especially if we could get to Indonesia where he worked in the 1950;s
  3. i love meeting people, going to new places but have not travelled outside of the India-US scene so want to go elsewhere...
Personal Message
I am new to this but am excited by the opportunity. I am a completely crosscultural person--I grew up as a kid in Nigeria, spent ten years in an international boarding school in northern India, and came to the US at the age of 17 to enter college. Because of an academic job, I have the privilege of being able to visit my family and do research work in India--but now want to spread my wings a bit more. I really enjoy meeting people, I am pretty easy going, I love animals and am happy to take care of your companions and hope you might like to do the same with my kitties and a doggie (though will make alternate arrangements if necessary). I am not a "toursity" kind of person--I would like to get to know local people, volunteer, be involved in whatever community I end up in. In this first swap, I would also like to treat my elderly father...and spend time with him--hence some of the SE Asian locations which are closer to Kolkata where he is. I would LOVE to go to Bahia myself and will do that in the future even if I can't take him with me. My home is simple but has all the amenities and a really beautiful garden too--it is a safe, quiet neighborhood in a historical area of the small town and close to the beach, the mountains. I would be happy to loan you my car too.
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  Depends on the offer
Our dream trip
destinations Anywhere,  Brazil,  Indonesia,  Thailand
Would like to be by the ocean; Bahia; Sulawesi or a less crowded island in Indonesia.
destinations May 25, 2015 - Aug 10, 2015,   May 25, 2016 - Aug 10, 2016
It would be fine to have a subset within these dates as well; flexible about that though would like to stay a minimum of a month.
Our home
Riverside, California, United States
House  sleeps 5, bedrooms 3, auto
My home is close to the city, the beach, and mountains. It has all the amenities and has a xeriscape garden in the back and front with lots of outdoor seating. It is...