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Hi, I am Donna
“ Our house is available for you in Bucerias, Mexico ”.
  1. I am a single woman with an adult son and we have lived in Mexico for 4 years.
  2. My son is intellectually disabled and wants to go back to the states and find an home with assisted living.
  3. It will take me about 3 months to set up all the necessary services for him in Texas.
Personal Message
My son and self are very responsible and clean people. We would always show respect and care for your home and your things within. I have been a hospital administrator and owned my own corporation although now I am retired. My home is modest but very comfortable and is a little village where you can walk to purchase homemade tortillas and fresh fruit. Puerto Vallarta is extremely safe and our house is by the civic center and the police department. There is a costco, home deport, shopping centers and a world of different adventures for your enjoyment.
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Our dream trip
destinations Anywhere,  United States,  Costa Rica,  Paraguay
need to swap houses with someone in Austin Texas for three months.
destinations Anytime
The best times to visit Puerto Vallarta is between November through March.
Our home
Bucerias, Mexico
House  sleeps 6, bedrooms 3
3 bedrooms, two with private entrance all with in suit bathrooms. Fenced in with off street parking. Want real Mexico, you have it with the little village town...